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Atlanta’s Full-Service Video Production Company

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Abracadabra Video provides full-service video production for a wide array of film projects. We offer a staff experienced in servicing both individuals and businesses. Our customers value Abracadabra’s professionalism, reliability, and competitive pricing. We deliver on time and within budget.

We offer custom packages that allow you to take full advantage of our pre-production, production, and postproduction resources. Our options are also extremely flexible, so you are free to add on or select only what you require from Abracadabra’s AV services, expertise, and equipment. 

We invite you to contact Abracadabra Video Inc. for answers and ideas. 

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Pre-Production Services

  • Writer, Producer & Director Services – Abracadabra delivers writer, producer, and director services as needed on a daily basis or as part of a complete pre-production package. 

Production Services

  • Camera, Grip, & Lighting – Abracadabra delivers camera, grip, and lighting for broadcast, cable, or in-house production. 
  • Television Crews –We provide full-day television crews on demand. Additionally, we deliver half-day crews when you make a reservation in advance. 
  • Live & Scripted Events – Abracadabra’s crews professionally record any live or scripted event. 

Post-Production Services:

  • Editing – Using Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, Abracadabra’s clients may review and direct the editing of their uncut media in our studios.
  • Edit Decision List – Abracadabra’s time-coded copy service enables you to create an Edit Decision List (EDL) from the raw data you review. The EDL keeps a record of your selected in and out points, which later presents a simple roadmap for the film editor to produce your final master. 
  • Enhancements – Abracadabra adds credits, titles, music, voiceover narration, etc. at any point in the post-production process. 

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