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Abracadabra Video appreciates the opportunity to share some of the complimentary comments our clients have submitted in their notes and letters, along with the permission to share the following partial list of our valued customers.


ABC Sports 



Kaiser Permanente 

Atlanta Paralympic Committee 

City of Atlanta 




Caribiner Communications 

The Headline Group 

John Wieland Homes 

Planet Hollywood 

Coca-Cola Enterprises 

Ketchum Communications 

US Postal Service 

State of Georgia Exam Board 

Atlanta Jewish Federation 

Entertainment Tonight 

"Decision Quest" 

Emory University 

City of Atlanta Army Corps of Engineering


"You and your company are simply amazing. I am planning to use you in the future years. I hope our cooperation will be beneficial for both of us. Thank you again."

- Ivan Plastiak, Cottage School 

"Just went through all 10 videos. These are Great! They are EXACTLY what we spoke about doing when we met last month to discuss this job, before a frame was shot." 

- Lou Zaffos, Associate Creative Director, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

"Thanks so much for all your help –we're quite pleased with our results." 

– Survivalink, Minneapolis, MN 

"Thank you for the generous contribution of video editing and copies to our campaign. We have the unique opportunity to make a difference for Atlanta, and you have helped in this effort. Your support will enable us to spread our message and vision throughout this great city." 

- Bill Campbell, Mayor of Atlanta 

"The video and its effects made an impact cialis art. Everyone enjoyed it nite bright. I was asked if it could be presented at other meetings. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Thank you again for doing this on such short notice." 

- Atlanta Paralympic Committee 

"Thanks for all your help...once again the video was a huge hit. They raved over it!"

- J.D. Edwards 

"On behalf of Granite Furniture Mfg. I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I look forward to working with you again in the near future." 

- Granite Furniture Mfg. 

“We are happy with the quality of the video. The transitions are good, the flow is good, and we really liked what you did with that long segment where you added the music. I just wanted to take a moment and get some feedback to you.” 

- Steve Ault, Lucent Technologies

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